Dedicated Teams

UX/UI Strategy, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Application Management & Support

Softcodeit's comprises a dedicated team of software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client's team. The Company's development center offers benefits that are twofold - the benefits of having your own team, but without the difficulties of managing it. In addition to this, we also enable our clients to expand their teams, in terms of numbers or availability of skills.

Softcodeit provides an end-to-end solution encompassing all processes of the product development lifecycle. We design a methodology and collaboration model in consultation with our client when establishing a dedicated team. We suggest changes which we believe are necessary to make software development efficient after carefully analyzing and studying the processes and methodology currently used by the client. The end goal is to seamlessly integrate the dedicated team into the client's organization.

Services of Dedicated Teams

Softcodeit provides the necessary resources for all your software requirements. Our team members can work or even make site visits as required. The following services are currently offered by us.

  • Project Management
  • Analysis and Design
  • Application Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Technical Writing and Documentation
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Deployment
  • Application Support Services

Your team can be structured to run multiple virtual projects within one dedicated team. In fact, the team can be organized exactly as you wish to effectively fit the business processes of your organization.


  • Seamlessly integrate the on-site and teams through
    processes, procedure and communication
  • Advantage of time difference hastens the development time
  • Retention of domain knowledge and skill as a dedicated
    team which will be working uninterrupted on the customer's

Effective Cost

We can help you to be successful in your business by providing a first-class software development environment that is cost effective. Softcodeit's dedicated software team offers you a complete software development center for the cost of just a department; and without the usual long-term investment required for infrastructure development and employing people.

Intellectual Property Protection and Data Security

We have procedures and processes in place to provide comprehensive security, confidentiality while safeguarding business continuity.

Management of the Dedicated Teams

Softcodeit's management has the necessary experience and skill to provide a dedicated team which will work for you, under your Management. Together we can produce the results you require.

Skills & Technologies

Your problems in finding people with the correct skill-set are over. Softcodeit recruits talented and skillful individuals capable of multi-tasking. However, if you have specific requirements we will source and train the right people for you, to ensure a successful match.

Communication Model

Softcodeit offers the latest equipment and high-speed Internet connections to ensure smooth communication between you and your development team, through:

  • Telephone and video conferencing
  • Instant Messenger, email and fax
  • Reports on day-to-day activities
  • Project management status reports
  • Direct communication with individual team members
  • On site visits

Knowledge Retention

One of the key benefits of our dedicated software development team model is the knowledge and experience gained by the team members handling your project. You will have an effective team of people on hand that understand your business and its applications; thus making your life easier as the team's experiences grow.

Custom Software Development

CMS, Enterprise Application Development

Softcodeit Solutions practices well-defined methodologies for Outsourced Software Development, a combination of best practices and our years of experience. Our methodology is well organized and flexible enough, to accommodate the diverse needs of different clients.

Operational Methodology

We at Softcodeit are aware of the restrictions that exist when coordinating development activities between different geographical locations and time zones and have developed processes to minimize operational challenges. Client/Developer transparency is a promise of our approach - encouraging our customers to stay engaged during the project lifetime, thereby avoiding potential risks such as cost overruns or delivery delays.

Software Development Methodology

The Softcodeit Solutions methodology builds on Agile/Scrum. As part of our client engagement process we provide frequent iterative deliveries enabling customers to continuously measure progress and project quality. Our systems are designed to track quality throughout the process, minimizing time spent on quality control at project completion. We provide flexibility by developing component based product architectures that are both reusable and extendable. We recognize knowledge management as a critical success factor and provide comprehensive documentation covering all aspects of the software developed.

Mobile Solutions

iOS, Android, Hybrid Frameworks, Windows Mobile

We at Softcodeit offer expertise in Mobile Application Development for iOS and Android platforms including iPad, iPhone, and Android. We have developed several mobile applications in location based, Games, Social Networking, Learning, Web services (SOAP/REST API), Ad-Server, Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways etc.

With our passion for mobile application development and to explore new avenues in the mobile apps sphere, we will ensure that your mobile application development requirements are met. You can let your imagination work overtime with your project idea and we will ensure that our experienced team of Mobile Application developers makes it in to reality.