For centuries, Sri Lanka has captivated travellers from all over the world as a tropical paradise with its natural beauty and rich, diverse culture. The island consists of a land area of 65,610 square km, and is located off the Southern tip of India. From the pristine beaches of the southern and eastern coast to the ruins of the cultural triangle, the mist-filled hill country, the virgin rainforests, and the lush green paddy fields, Sri Lanka offers a plethora of sites and unique experiences that have made it a tropical paradise like no other.

In recent times, Sri Lanka has also been able to build a strong reputation of being a major source of trainable, reliable, loyal and cost effective manpower to a number of industries. The liberalization of trade combined with its open economic policies has greatly encouraged Sri Lankan youth to learn and develop industrial skills and pursue careers in information technology.

The high literacy rate Sri Lanka enjoys has also made it a prime hub for BPOs and outsourced development centers for many organizations based in US, Europe and Australia. In fact, since 2013, Sri Lanka has been recognized as the "Outsourcing Destination of the Year" award by the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), UK. This in itself vouches for the high quality levels of Sri Lankan IT/BPO professionals.

Here are some of the reasons that have made Sri Lanka such a popular outsourcing destination.

Cost Effectiveness

This is of course the no. 1 reason why outsourced development is considered by top organizations. Especially for new companies, the benefits of software development can be substantial (the difference in costs range from 30-50% and sometimes even more) since it allows you the flexibility in utilizing your venture capital in to some other aspect of growing your business.

Shortened Development Cycles

Since there's a 12-hour (or less) time zone difference between the client and the Development Center, companies can take significant advantage of the time differences to decrease the elapsed development time, in turn reducing the overall time taken for product development.

High Quality

Most outsourced development companies in Sri Lanka have very successfully developed and implemented hundreds of high quality software/ applications over the years using well-streamlined processes and effective project management skills. Our communications skills and customer orientation is also of a much higher level than other countries in the region.


Technology and IT infrastructure in Sri Lanka has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. Hence the standard of technology and infrastructure facilities available at outsourced development centers is exceptional and second to none.

Access to Skilled Professionals with Diversified Experiences

According to research, every year more IT graduates pass out from Asia than anywhere else in the world! Sri Lanka boasts a number of local as well as internationally affiliated universities which creates and passes out hundreds of high quality graduates each year.

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