Human Touch &

Perhaps what sets us apart from all of the thousands of other software companies out there is our human touch. We believe in creating value to our customers by offering them unparalleled levels of service and quality. We believe that long-term partnerships are critical for any business to be successful. We do not believe in one-off projects but would rather work on building successful long term partnerships with all our customers.


Softcodeit’s success over the years has mainly been because of our professionalism, teamwork, flexibility and transparency. We strive to deliver excellence on all aspects of our business especially when dealing with our global customers. We are 100% transparent and honest and you can be rest assured that we will not run away with your money, waste your time or leave you in the lurch! Our successful track record will in itself vouch for that. Our positive attitude exudes professionalism!

Expertise and Domain Knowledge

Ours is a knowledge-centric work culture with our team members constantly sharing their expertise and experiences with others. This together with our domain knowledge of a myriad of industries makes handling customer projects easier than the industry norm.


With Softcodeit, you don’t need to reduce or lay-off your existing staff. We are just the development arm. You hand over your software projects to us while you concentrate on finding more business and growing your company!


We strongly believe in using the right software for the job at hand and are not limited to one technology. Our ‘middle-of-the-road’ stance in choosing technology enables us to provide only the best output in all our client deliverables.

Emphasis on Quality

We never compromise on the quality levels of our deliverables. Our Quality Controls operate like clockwork to ensure seamless integration between the various stages of the project. We strive to achieve and maintain a very low bug-reporting, error fixing ratio in all our projects.

Cost Efficiency

Our well-honed skills and efficient systems enable us to cut out unnecessary costs. We transfer those cost savings to our customers. We are not cheap, and we are NOT premium priced either. We are pretty flexible when it comes to prices too. But what you can be sure of is absolute value for money !

Years of Experience

We possess many years of experience in the industry and this experience alone is worth its weight in gold when delivering tight project deadlines. Our varied domain knowledge is seldom matched by our competition.


In an era when morals and basic corporate ethics are almost a thing of the past, Softcodeit offers absolute trustworthiness, integrity and absolute transparency in all our client dealings. We believe in being 100% ethical and encourage all our team members to conduct themselves in a trustworthy manner. This is one aspect of our business that will never be compromised.