2020 : The Year of Digitalized
Self Care

The year 2010 prepped all companies and individuals for a decade of digitalized lifestyle and now the global information technology industry is expected to grow up to $8061.23 trillion by 2022. Despite many decades of information technology growth, one can only be an active partner in these momentous growths of the industry if one is only able to sustain vision and focus to grow individually simultaneously.

As per Interesting Engineering Automation, AI, 5G, Blockchain, Analytics and Voice are the technological trends to watch out for in 2020.

How can you practice digitalized – self care for 2020?

There are numerous ways you can integrate digitalization in your lifestyle that could help elevate your life. Also, it is good to keep in mind that a good balance of digitalization is essential for life balance as too much of anything is not advised-be it too much digitalization or way less than what is essential.

Reviewing your daily routine and areas of activities can give you a perspective of areas of improvement that could benefit from digitalization or require reduction. A benefit could be a sleep tracker or a virtual organizer. A required reduction could be setting timers on social media browsing which could reduce mindfulness and increase anxiety or posting less amount of selfies which slide you into a narcistic behavior. Also over - gaming that can cause distraction and cut down on your physical activity time.

  1. Set goals & visualize

    A thorough review on your daily routine and lifestyle activities will help you map out the type of life you are leading. What you do daily is a statement of what type of life you are leading.

    The best method to know what type of life to lead is to understand what do you want to do with your life. And once you have cut out what is that you like to do with your life. If it is yoga you want to practice or read more set aside at least 10 minutes to read a book you desire and start with at least one yoga class per week.

    And through the first quarter of the year you will surprised how far you have come which will propel to push yourself further.

  2. Invest in value added digitalization

    2020 can be that year where your life’s greatest transformations take place. Monitor your time spent on the apps you frequently use. If online shopping is one of your weakness remove your card information and allow yourself to shop online on a specific date. If carrying a book around can be tedious for you or you are bound to forget your book, invest in the Kindle app or on an audio book where your book is a touch away during your 45-minute commute. Duolingo is an excellent app to learn a new language that takes away only 10 minutes of your day.

    Therefore become conscious and aware of the apps you invest your time on, make a conscious effort in 2020 to invest in apps that comply with your goals – time cannot be regained.

  3. Disconnect to reconnect

    The proliferation of digitalization is supposed to be liberating but unfortunately some of us are digital slaves spending over time on apps and online presence that takes away our peace of mind and happiness. Unfortunately, social media platforms are hosts to cyber bullying and one of the many causes to teen suicides. Therefore, it is essential to draw a psychological line between your personal beliefs and how the digital world can influence you. This psychological line is also vital for the comparison of lives on Instagram that scrolls right in front of you.

  4. Strategize a growth plan

    Your job and commitments can suck you into a state of constant busyness, therefore it is good to draw up yourself a habit tracker and set a reminder for the end of the day to review your goal that has been broken down into daily morsels.

  5. Be kind to yourself

    The most important criteria of 2020 is to be kind to yourself, self compassion is essential to perform better in all areas of your life. If you happen to miss your daily share to work towards your goal, don’t beat yourself over it, tell yourself you’re a work in progress and you will ensure you will do your part tomorrow. No one but you can make you feel good about yourself or cheer you or do you the way you do you.