How Information Technology
Helps Pandemics

On the onset of 2020 the Covid – 19 also known as the Corona virus brought the entire world at a halt pausing millions of lives and almost all industries. The virus that spread like wildfire literally brought the world to a stop. As different countries took measures to contain this contagion, the Information Technology industry assisted in bringing a certain amount of control over the outspread and as well making life manageable. On what can be recollected from the first quarter of 2020, one should sum up stating utmost appreciation for the advancements made by the Information Technology that it is pivotal in restoring normalcy in an already shook world.

How Information Technology Aided

  • Communication & Information

    As a principal route for communication, the Information Technology industry assisted in creating the right amount of awareness during this global emergency. The internet and the proliferation of smart phones allowed vital information to be communicated to the public. The public were able to get instant information when and as they liked. The enormity in this awareness helped shield the population against contagion. The general public have been able educate themselves on the gravity of the pandemic and necessary safety precautions to fight the virus.

    Also, people were able to witness firsthand the raw incidents and scenarios taking place in China the birthplace of Covid – 19, helping them study and analyze the developments of this global chaos. The internet has been able to bring in order and discipline in order to sustain a somewhat healthy environment.

    There is evident polarity of having an effortless communication network accessible to millions such as the internet resulting in snowballing of negative information causing fear and stir among the communities. Despite the pandemonium the internet has evidently proved to bring about order and control needed globally.

  • Pre – pandemic normalcy

    The internet has helped bring a certain amount of normalcy to millions of lives during this mayhem as many are going through disconnection and solitude due to social distancing. So many are almost able to go back to a contingent normal life as the internet aids the stay at home period by being able to order essentials online and work from home. The abundance of mobile applications takes over boredom instigating new internet trends and creative methods of relations. Though distant but not distant.

    Despite the much scorned about and general backlash the tech industry receives, tables have turned where the industry is essential in coordinating the resume of life and industries. A complete contrast to the lack of information and control in the devastating plagues in history that claimed many lives in the bat of an eye.