IoT Making Homes & Lives Smarter

What is IoT?

IoT is a network of interconnected things / devices which use sensors, software, network connectivity and required electronics that allow them to process data and respond accordingly.

How is IoT changing lives?

IoT based platforms are used to build Smart Homes which have made lives easier. Smart Homes are convenient as you are able to monitor and control your home from wherever you are. Your home is able to adapt to your life pattern and automatically monitor and control the most important aspects of having a home such as electricity and security.

Features of Smart Homes:

  • Monitor electricity and lights thus saving energy
  • Design perspective by programming lights when to switch on and off
  • Pet care by feeding pets on schedule
  • Morning efficiency by turning on coffee machine from bed
  • Monitor television time by programming your television
  • Automatic door unlock
  • Warm the bed
  • Adjust the thermostat accordingly
  • Cameras that monitor the distances outside home even if it is pitch dark
  • Motion sensors that can identify pets versus burglars
  • Auto alerts to indicate possible issues
  • Save energy through appliances when left on standby

Among the above features further developments are in process.

Main benefits of Smart Homes.

Security- One of the main benefits of having Smart Homes is maximizing all round security no matter how far away you are from home on your phone. Smart Homes can call the authorities in case of fire.

Senior Citizens – for family that lives away from their elderly relatives, it is a huge relief to be able to check the safety of their elderly through Smart Homes. Smart Homes automatically turn of appliances and lights thus contributing to saving of energy. Also these homes act as reminders for senior citizens to take their medication.

While further improvements are on the way clearly Smart Homes have had a good start into finding its way into the lives of many. Wouldn’t it be convenient to turn off your lights while you are on the couch watching TV?