Dedicated Teams Process



As we discuss the project in detail we will identify the scope, timelines and budget.


Team Formation

An assembled team of developers with necessary skills and expertise will work closely with your start up.


Project Planning

On commencement of our team we will create a detailed project plan with timelines, milestones and deliverables. Also we will establish a sound communication channel.


Tools & Infrastructure Setup

All necessary tools & infrastructure will be set to begin the development project. This may include setting up version control, task management, and collaboration tools needed for execution.


Development & Testing

Our team will be responsible for testing and quality assurance. We will provide regular updates to your startup on the progress of the project.


Deployment & Support

Upon completion of the project our team will deploy your solution to it’s production environment and we will provide ongoing support and maintenance ensuring your system runs smoothly.

Our Scalable Dedicated Teams Value To Startups


The client is free to change the project scope and timelines without disrupting the work flow as our team model can cater to the ever changing needs of the client


What better way to ensure our delivery excels than have you in control of your project? The scalability nature of our teams gives you the control over the progress of the project.

Cost Effective

This model is a cost saver as the client only pays for the resources needed.


As you progress on your software development our team can scale up to meet your demands.