One Team Philosophy

Our clients have the advantage of having a scalable dedicated team of developers who are fully committed to their project. Our expert scalable dedicated teams are the nucleus of our successful projects. Softcodeit’s teams are ideal for your business as the team volume can be sized up as your business and tech requirements increase thus growing in unison.

We ensure we forge excellent communication channels to always keep our partners and clients in the know-how of our work progress. We also have established a good communication flow from the time of consultation to post implementation and maintenance of the project. We are very confident there is no barrier on the two way communication of our projects as we carry out excellent feedback channels, outlined a solid communication model for any trouble shooting, upgrade or improvements.

The scalable dedicated team model is a popular approach to software development due to its flexible nature and adaptation of skills for changing needs.

The benefits of scalable
dedicated team model are



The client is free to change the project scope and timelines without disrupting the work flow as our team model can cater to the ever changing needs of the client



What better way to ensure our delivery excels than have you in control of your project? The scalability nature of our teams gives you the control over the progress of the project.


Cost Effective

This model is a cost saver as the client only pays for the resources needed.



As you progress on your software development our team can scale up to meet your demands.


Project Management

From planning, execution, monitoring to reporting our project management team manages all aspects of IT projects.

Scalable Dedicated Team



On discussing initially we take down all your core requirements and have an understanding of the scope of the project.


Team formation

We assemble a team of developers with necessary skills and expertise to execute you the best delivery, to work with you closely.


Project Planning

On working closely with you we will create a detailed project plan, including timelines, milestones, and deliverables.


Tools & Infrastructure Setup

We establish the infrastructure & tools needed to serve your project needs and this may include setting up version control, task management, and collaboration tools.


Development and Testing

Our scalable dedicated teams will be responsible for testing and quality assurance.


Progress updates & Feedback

Our scalable dedicated teams will provide regular progress updates while being open to feedback.


Deployment & Support

On completion of the project our team will deploy the product & provide ongoing assistance for smooth operations.