Our Philosophy &

A coherent collaborative effort is always guaranteed by our operational & development team for a better streamlined software development process at a high - velocity delivery. Our method connects the people, process and the technology in application building to upkeep customer & business needs goals. While integrating DevOps strategies to harness collaboration & communication our main goals lies at being time effective to accelerate the code generation to production phase to provide you with concrete reliability & flexibility, scalability, definitely being business project sensitive.

Our DevOps Collaborative Services


Continuous Integration & Delivery

For faster & frequent releases our team is calibrated to deliver your business with uninterrupted automation of processes, building, testing and deployment of software.


Infrastructure Automation

Our tools and services are crafted to govern and automate your infrastructure reducing time and any cumbersome efforts needed to maintain environments.


Monitoring & Logging

Our tracking solutions are quick to identify any errors or bottlenecks in a production environment thus giving you an untroubled and trouble flow of a work environment.


Cloud Migration

Taking advantage of the expandability and cost effectiveness of the cloud to your business, our team can assist you to migrate your applications to the cloud.

Our team experts in DevOps tools and technologies such as Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, and more. On working closely with your team we tailor make solutions for your unique needs. Contact us and let Softcodeit help you take advantage of cloud computing by increasing your speed and reliability of your software delivery.

DevOps Process

It is good to keep in mind that depending on your unique business needs the specific methodology framework adopted for the DevOps process may vary while we strictly emphasize collaboration & communication across teams.



Both our operations and development teams join forces to define your business objectives, goals and scope of project.


Code Development

A code design stage that includes version control, continuous integration, and automated testing where our team writes & tests the code for the software.


Continuous Testing

Our intention being to provide you with a strong reliant software, our DevOps team continuously tests for defect free software.


Continuous Integration & Delivery

Softcodeit’s goal in providing our advanced DevOps services is fast and frequent releases for your business to gain maximum momentum in its industry, therefore we continuously automate the process of building, testing and deploying software with continuous integration & delivery.


Continuous Monitoring & Feedback

This significant stage assists you to upgrade the mechanisms of your software which in return elevates your business delivery to the market. Through constant observation of your application in its production environment we help you gather information and feedback from users to further improve the software experience and resolve any issues if any.


Continuous Improvement

Our team’s skills are continually updated therefore as we continuously watch and observe your system we can devise any additional improvements that will take your business performance one notch higher.