How We Do

If you are looking for an end-to-end solution, encompassing the entire product life cycle from idea inception to delivery and implementation, Softcodeit can help you. We work from dedicated teams to project based teams, developing MVPs with Agile/Scrum based development process while maintaining smooth communication. Here’s how we work.

Dedicated teams

Imagine a dedicated team of highly skilled developers and designers that work day and night for you. Now imagine the same team without you needing to manage them. Wouldn’t that be awesome? At Softcodeit, we can offer just that. We can structure your team to run multiple projects at the same time. In fact, the team can be organized to fit your organization processes seamlessly.

Project based

Are you looking to get a one-off project done? We are happy to help you. All you have to do is let us know what you need and we will assemble a team of high skilled developers and designers to get you started. There’s a small catch though. Once you start working with us, we can’t guarantee that you’ll stop from one project. Our clients tend to stick with us for years and years. So be prepared for a long-term partnership.

MVP Development

Are you struggling to make your idea a reality? Many struggles to find people, skills, and resources to make their idea a reality. We can help you to get started. Your MVP should be simple with the essentials yet it has to provide a real feel for your potential users. At Softcodeit, we can help you to conceptualize and build a prototype that you could easily use to validate your idea. We build apps, websites and software for your need.

Our process

We use a custom agile approach that is designed to put you in control of your project. It reduces your risk, increases transparency between our team and yours, and gives you predictable project velocity.