Connecting the World: Getting you onboard with seamless connectivity

Softcodeit’s seamless IoT connectivity softwares, can alter the way your business is run to the better by analysis of real-time insights to automate processes, resulting in cost savings and maximum efficiency.

Our IoT solutions are a high level intelligent software operation connecting technologically advanced hardware embedded with sensors to the internet connectivity, that exchanges & controls data. This revolutionary software connectivity solution has opened up many avenues for business growth. Integration of an IoT application into your business will be a catalyst to your company’s future growth as you gain insights and build from the data obtained. And our 100+ ready team is equipped with excellent tech competence & knowledge in this arena in order to help you absorb this innovative facet into your business.

Anything that can be connected will be connected in the future. The Internet of Things opens a wide range of possibilities for companies. Are you ready to adapt and benefit from IoT? Softcodeit has an arsenal of cutting edge IoT technologies.

We can engage you at any stage, helping you to integrate real-world hardware with cloud software and user interfaces.

Our Influential IoT Services


Strategy & Consultation

Clarity being the pinnacle of our delivery, we form a clear understanding of your specific business needs and formulate the finest custom IoT strategy to achieve your vision.


IoT Development

We are resourced with the right tools and services to efficiently develop, deploy and manage an IoT platform where you can connect and manage your devices, data and applications.


IoT Deployment

Our IoT services assist you to construct your personalized IoT device softwares, its testing & certifications.


IoT Analytics

An exciting stage of an IoT development, our experts assist you in collecting, storing and analyzing your IoT data as it gives actionable insights for data-informed decisions that can alter your business operations to the better.


IoT Security

Data and security are two things that strictly go hand in hand at Softcodeit, as we work with you, protecting your security and privacy are our top most priority therefore we provide tight solutions for integrity.

Our knowledge on IoT technologies such as MQTT, CoAP, Zigbee, Z-Wave and more, is quite extensive as our team takes great effort in being eloquent by being updated in rapidly upcoming technologies. We are confident to say our team can whip up original IoT solutions just absolutely valuable for your business needs.

Seamless IoT Development Process

It is vital to note that the IoT development varies according to different business goals and while we focus on security, scalability and data management, the process differs as per the scope of the project.



Closely working with your team, our scalable dedicated teams outline the goals, objectives and scope of the IoT project that encompasses the problem statement, the solution to eradicate the issue, the target audience and mainly the structured strategy for execution.


Investigation & Analysis

Preparation is principal. This stage involves studying the current IoT market, competitor analysis and fine tuning target audience needs as it will assist our team in building a strong and effective IoT solution for you.



Our team designs the overall architecture and framework of functionality of the IoT system inclusive of the software, communication protocols with data flow.


IoT Software Development

Our team at Softcodeit develops the software component of the IoT system with its devices, sensors and the platform.


Testing for Validation

We focus on testing intensely to ensure we have captured all requirements and functions for your IoT integration that includes functional testing, performance testing and security testing.


Deployment with Maintenance

The final stage is where we liven your latest tech integration into the market adding that extra operational boost setting your business in motion for its prepared success. And to upkeep a smooth spike of performance we continuously monitor and maintain the system for error free functioning. It is vital to note that the IoT development varies according to different business goals and while we focus on security, scalability and data management, the process differs as per the scope of the project.