Remodel Legacy

At Softcodeit we help your business obtain that extra outstanding advantage in the tech era by remodeling legacy applications that are outdated & challenging. We aim to improve your reliability, performance & security.

Re-engineering old software is a true game changer for your business values, as it meets its modern consumer & market demand. Revamped old applications will provide your business the correct throttle for a new operational momentum via strategic digital construction such as, new features, internal architectures, infrastructural platforms and most importantly restructuring the base code for scalability & long-term maintenance. This modernization can also identify new hidden & silent success opportunities lying dormant but vital to your business & market delivery.

Maintaining a digitally updated business is increasingly important with the rapid growing pace of technology & automation of many industries, therefore re-engineering your obsolete systems can drive your business on efficiency & competitiveness.

Despite being time consuming & complex adopting the saying, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, it is good to know, updating outdated business software can improve overall performance, increase long- term scalability to meet ever changing business needs, reduce costs minimizing manual intervention, increase security evading cyber threats & simplify maintenance.

Process Of Legacy



A technological standpoint of your application is drawn where we thoroughly assess your current system, architecture, technology & code base in order to create a new road map for the renewed system.



A detailed plan is constructed for the re-engineering project outlining the scope, timeline, budgets and required resources. The crucial step entails forecasting & being prepared for any potential risks or challenges during the process.



What we consider the most fun & exciting process, designing such a high value technologically advanced digital solution to amp your business is our intrinsic & natural capacity. Our design motives will circulate around your main goal of business & exact specific needs where necessary new technologies & tools will be adopted also while ensuring all your other organizational applications are technologically coherent with the upgrade.



Executing the newly engineered system is the actual engineering process as we streamline on the job with regards to updating the codebase, migrating data, and testing the new system to ensure that it meets the requirements of the business.



After in-depth testing and approval the system is employed to its production environment where simultaneously, the IT staff & end users are given required training, all documentations are in place and also bugs & issues are troubleshooted.


Ongoing maintenance & support

The system is monitored to ensure it continues to meet the needs of performance & security issues also for any upgrades or updates. We encourage you to forge clear communication channels with our developing team to communicate feedback as the complexity of the system & its execution differs on the size of your business requirement.

Our Legacy Software Value To You

We are in the business of technologically leveraging your business into an industry benchmark. A quick glimpse on how we deliver.

Improved Performance

Performance is vital. Often outdated technology can lead to slow performance and poor scalability. Modernizing obsolete softwares can make your operations efficient.


Old systems are inflexible therefore updating these softwares can make it easy to integrate with other newer technologies.

Improved Scalability

Legacy systems often have limited scalability and cannot easily accommodate growth and changing business needs. Modernizing these systems can improve scalability and make them better able to handle growing data and user demands.

Advanced Security

Outdated security measures in obsolete softwares can leave your system vulnerable to cyber threats. Your remodeled software comes with updated & modern security features.

Cost Effective

Legacy softwares can be costly to maintain. Remodeled modernized softwares that cater to your specific needs are cost effective as the system is built to ensure your finances are leveraged.

Amplified User Experience

Outdated softwares are not compliant with new web and mobile solutions. Modernizing your system increases your work range and makes your system accessible.


Your modernized software supports more features and work capacity in comparison to your old legacy software that required special personnel to run it.


A modern software program makes your business flexible, fast and relevant allowing it to exercise it’s highest capacity attending to all your business needs