Mobile Gaming

We create mobile games that combine seamless user experience with end-to-end execution. Gaming apps are the most popular mobile apps among users. Whether it’s a game of puzzle, role-playing, adventure, learning, sports, racing, casino or basically any type of game, Softcodeit can design and build it for you.

Our game developers are fully equipped to model texturize, skin, rig, HTML5, 2D & 3D animation gaming assets with characters, objects and environments. Do you need optimized animations, graphics, audio and scripts? Our designers can help you with that too.

We create interactive gaming applications using a mobile device’s inherent hardware including accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, GPS, and touch screen features. Not only that. We can integrate wearable technology with mobile devices for a seamless user experience. We also can integrate analytic platforms to capture data and create a gaming resource to see market data, data explorer, funnel analyzer, segment builder, and the ability to view information through detailed reports.

No idea how to monetize your app? We analyze and implement monetization strategies for in-app purchases and ad networks to maximize ROI.


Talking about cutting-edge technology that is changing the world? Well, we’re right there. AR/VR and MR are taking over so many industries as you read this. From playing Pokémon Go to virtually touring the White House, the way humans interact with products and environment is changing. With our innovative solutions, you can surf smoothly on AR, VR and MR technology wave.

How It Works


Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is what lets you put digital things in the real world. It’s the technology that helps you to overlay images and objects into the real world.


Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is creating an artificial environment that completely replaces the actual environment. Basically, you will be in a computer-generated environment.


Mixed Reality (MR)

This is taking AR to the next level. With Mixed Reality, you can not only overlay digital content on the real world; but these objects can also interact with the real world.