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Design is principal for successful digital solutions. Identifying project objectives, finding sharp resources & developing driven plans require an expert software work force to which Softcodeit has an answer. And prototyping is our process of creating a preliminary product for a test run.

Prototyping saves time and money as it evaluates the feasibility & functionality of the product before it is completely built by means of user feedback and identifying any issues. Designing & prototyping are very vital stages in development as it is key for fine tuning the final design before going to market

Softcodeit’s Product Design & Prototyping

Product prototyping and designing is a vital step allowing you to test and evaluate the design, functionality, and user experience of your product before investing in the final product.

There are common methods for prototyping such as wireframing, mockups and interactive prototypes. In addition to these types of prototyping we also conduct user testing to get first hand feedback to improve your product before releasing it into the market.

These methods can ensure your product meets the needs of your target audience and has a competitive edge in the market.

Design & Prototyping Process


Problem Identification

We will take measures to identify your problem or market need.


Research & Analysis

We conduct research and analysis to better understand your target audience and your business needs.


Concept Development

A concept is constructed and a plan for the product is created based on the research and analysis.


Design & Prototyping

Our initial prototypes could be wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes.


User Testing

We gather primary feedback from the market through user tests on the design & functionality.



Amendments and improvements to the product are done based on user testing feedback.


Final development

Your final product development will include coding, design, and quality assurance work.


Launch & Post-launch

Interactions are made on launching the product for product improvement.

Our Design & Prototype Value to You

Impeccable Product

Prototypes are ideal to fine tune the end product by eliminating anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of the solution.

Calculated Estimates

A prototype is a preliminary design of your vision thus giving you insight to prepare for the involved costs, project timeline and skill requirements.


Softcodeit measures the product’s fit and durability by allowing your product to perform in its production environment.

Improvements & Feedback

We believe any feedback is good feedback. On collecting the design functionality feedback we create new improvements for a polished solution.