Unparalleled Quality Software

Our built software meets a certain criteria & standard that exceeds client expectations and free of defects for a top grade user experience. Our testing solutions range from end - to - end testing, application testing, usability testing to accessibility testing. We entertain a no risk all compatible environment steering clear of issues releasing the best version to your production environment.

A critical component in any software development process ,we at Softcodeit ensure that we meet quality standards set by both you and us, as our professionals carry out rigorous processes combining manual and automated testing tools.

Quality Assurance Process


Requirement Analysis

We ensure your specific requirements are well incorporated into our software development process


Design Development

Our designers will engineer a viable and concise design that encapsulates the core of your requirements and is easy to test.



Our experienced team runs unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing to deliver a defect - free software to you.



Once our team is confident that we have met your true requirements and the design qualifies through testing to excel in its purpose, our team deploys the software solutions for use.


Post Implementation Maintenance

After care is an important stage that our team invests in, as maintaining a highly functional system that is intended to serve our clients is of significant value to us.



Our software quality assurance process is audited by both an internal & external auditory making all quality objectives fulfilled.



We take providing quality focused products seriously, as a statement of our work to you, we issue continuous reports on the results of testing for feedback of the software’s functionality.

Quality Assurance Types

The following types are subject to vary as per project requirements.

Black Box Testing

Also known as functional testing for having practically taken only functional aspects of the software into consideration irrespective of the internal structure for quality check.

White Box Testing

Also known as structural testing to estimate the framework of the solution, this type of testing tests the internal structure of the code and also the software’s logic and control flow.

Gray Box Testing

A combination of above both testing types; Black box testing and White box testing, this type focuses and expects both functional & internal structure of the software to meet quality standards.

Automated Testing

We employ a specialized software to test the developed software which is faster and thorough as it’s automated.

Manual Testing

A man operated - type of testing based on human understanding of the software’s requirements and functionality.

Performance Testing

This type of testing is used to evaluate the performance characteristics of the software, such as speed, scalability, and stability.

Security Testing

As mentioned before we take great measures for protection thus employing security testing to eliminate any software vulnerabilities.